What is VPN Gateway?

VPN Gateway is an Internet-based service that allows you to connect enterprise data centers, office networks, or Internet-facing terminals to Flou Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks through secure and reliable connections. VPN Gateway supports both IPsec-VPN connections and SSL-VPN connections.

Features of VPN Gateway

  • IPsec-VPN

Route-based IPsec-VPN allows you to route network traffic in multiple ways, and also facilitates the configuration and maintenance of VPN policies. You can use IPsec-VPN to connect an on-premises data center to a VPC network or connect two VPC networks. IPsec-VPN supports the IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols. Any devices that support these two protocols can connect to Flou Cloud VPN Gateway.


SSL-VPN is implemented based on the OpenVPN framework. You can create an SSL-VPN connection to connect a remote client to applications and services deployed in a VPC network. After you deploy your applications or services, you only need to import the certificate to the client to initiate a connection.

Benefit of VPN Gateway

  • High security:

You can use the IKE and IPsec protocols to encrypt data for secure and reliable data transmission.

  • High availability

VPN Gateway adopts the hot-standby architecture to achieve failover within a few seconds, session persistence, and zero service downtime.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The encrypted Internet connections provided by VPN Gateway are more cost- effective than leased lines.

  • Ease of use

VPN Gateway is a ready-to-use service. VPN gateways start to work immediately after they are deployed.

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