What is Virtual Private Cloud?

A virtual private cloud service that provides an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment. VPC helps you build an isolated network environment including customizing the IP address range, network segment, route table, and gateway

Features of Virtual Private Cloud

  • Logical layer-2 isolation

Building an environment of logical isolated network at Layer-2 that can be reached between different VPC instances

  • Special network environment

You can adjust IP Address range, Network segment, Routing table, and Gateway

  • Access control

With the help of Security Group function, VPC instance products can be classified into different security domains and can have special control access regulations

  • Internet management

Meeting the requirements of VPC resource to actively access the internet through Elastic IP that can be linked with instances with VPC types

Benefit of Virtual Private Cloud

  • High security

Building high security environment to each layer

  • High flexibility

You can adjust IP address range, network segment, routing table, and gateway

  • Easy to use

Easily operate in a secure environment by launch, manage cloud-based applications and resources within a virtual networking environment

  • High scalability

Allow system, network, and process to handle a given added load

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