What is Server Load Balancer?

Server Load Balancer is a connectivity service that can share the workload of applications running on the server. Server Load Balancer (SLB) distributes traffic among multiple instances to enhance the serviceability of your application. You can use SLBs to prevent Single Point of Failures (SPoF) and improve application availability and fault tolerance

Features of Server Load Balancer

  • Compatibility with various protocols

Supporting layer-4 load balancing through TCP and UDP, layer-7 load balancing through HTTP and HTTPS as well as providing centered HTTP certificate management

  • Multi layer disaster recovery

When SLB detects broken instance, SLB stops distributing traffic to instance and ensures the availability of your services as well as supporting multi-zone spreading to implement disaster recovery

  • High performance

Provides various types of instances with dedicated resources as well as instances with bigger size for better performance

  • Efficient scheduling

Supporting the scheduling algorithm such as round-robin and least-connections as well as distributing traffic based on the domain name and URL to improve your application’s efficiency

Benefit of Server Load Balancer

  • High availability

SLB is designed to work in full redundancy mode to avoid single point of failure

  • Scalability

You can add or subtract the amount of j server backend as needed to increase the serving capacity of your application

  • Cost effectiveness

Can reduce significant more cost compared to using traditional load balancer equipment

  • Security

Can be combined with other security services, SLB can withstand DDoS attacks to 5 GBit/s such as HTTP Flood attack, and SYN flood

  • High concurrence

SLB Cluster supports hundreds of millions of simultaneous connections and in one instance SLB can support up to tens of millions of said connections

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