What is Resource Orchestration Service (ROS)?

Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) is a service that can simplify the management of cloud computing resources. Customers can create stack templates based on the template specifications defined in ROS. Within a template, customer can define cloud computing resources such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Apsara DB RDS instances, and the dependencies between resources. The ROS engine automatically creates and configures all resources in a stack based on a template, which makes automatic deployment and O&M possible.

Features of Resource Orchestration Service (ROS)?

  • Create a stack

ROS manages a group of cloud resources as a single unit called a stack. A stack is a group of Alibaba Cloud resources. You can create, delete, and update cloud resources by using stacks. In DevOps scenarios, you can clone the development , test, and production environment s. This simplifies the overall migrat ion and scaling of applications.

  • Update a stack

If you only need to modify the current templat e and configurations of a specified stack but do not need to change the region where the stack resides, update the stack. You can modify the templat e and paramet er configurations of the stack by updating the stack.

  • Recreate a stack

If you need to modify the current templat e and configurations of a specified stack and change the region where the stack resides, recreate the stack.

  • Delete a stack

You can delete a stack that is no longer needed. You can choose whether to retain or release resources when you delete a stack.

Benefit of Resource Orchestration Service (ROS)

  • Infrastructure as Code

Provides advance infrastructure by provides the easy mechanism and flows for configuration.

  • Fully managed automation service

No need to manage it by yourself with ensurement in compliance with your specifications.

  • Repeatable deployment

Allows users to easily repeatable deployment by reduces the time and effort.

  • Standardized deployment

Provides unified authentication, security, and audit in implementing the technology stack.

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