What is Object Storage Service (OSS) ?

Object Storage Service (OSS) is an encrypted object storage service that is secure, affordable, and easy to use, allowing you to store, back up, and file large number of data in the Cloud. API RESTful enables storage and access to OSS anywhere on the internet. You can improve your processing capacity and capability scaling elastically.

Feature of Object Storage Service (OSS)

  • API RESTful:

Allow storage and access to OSS anywhere on the Internet

  • Cost-effective storage:

You can choose from a variety of storage types to optimize storage costs

  • Flexible and easy to use:

Deliver reliable, scalable, flexible and cost effective content distribution solutions

  • Powerful data processing capabilities:

You can scale capacity and processing capabilities elastically

  • High reliability and powerful security measures:

High reliability performance and strong powerful security for your data

Benefit of Object Storage Service (OSS)

  • Simple use and easy management.

Ease of storing, backing up and archiving large amounts of data in the cloud.

  • Powerful security measures.

Provides encrypted, secure, and object storage service for your needs

  • High reliability.

Capacity and processing power can be scaled elastically

  • Cost-effective.

To reduce storage costs, you can select from a range of storage options.

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