What is NAT Gateway?

NAT gateways are enterprise-class gateways that provide the Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) and Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) features. Each NAT gateway provides a throughput capacity of up to 100 Gbit/s. NAT gateways also support cross-zone disaster recovery.

Features of NAT Gateway

  • SNAT

NAT gateways support the SNAT feature. SNAT enables Elastic Comput e Service (ECS) instances in a virtual private cloud (VPC) to access the Internet when the ECS instances are not assigned public IP addresses.

  • DNAT

NAT gateways support the DNAT feature. DNAT maps elastic IP addresses (EIPs) to ECS instances in a VPC. This way, the ECS instances can receive requests that are sent over the Internet.

Benefit of NAT Gateway

  • Easy configuration

A NAT gateway is an enterprise-grade Internet gateway that controls the traffic flowing to and from a VPC and provides SNAT and DNAT.

  • High performance

A NAT gateway is a virtual network device developed based on the software-defined networking (SDN) technology and the distributed gateway design of Alibaba Cloud.

  • High availability

NAT Gateway supports cross-zone deployment, which guarantees high availability and ensures service continuity during a zone failure

  • Flexible specification adjustment

You can change the specification of your NAT gateway, or the number and specifications of the EIPs associated with the NAT gateway at any time to provide dynamic support for your services.

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