What is NAS File System ?

File Storage NAS is a file storage service for FLOU Cloud ECS instances, Container Service. It provides standard file access protocols. This enables you to have a distributed file system with unlimited capacity and performance scaling.

Features of NAS File System

  • Scalable capacity

NAS provides scalable file systems. You can add file systems to increase the storage capacity, or delete file systems to decrease the storage capacity.

  • Shared access

NAS allows shared access to the same data source in a file system from multiple compute nodes and uses file locks to ensure data consistency.

  • Protocol compatibility

NAS Supports standard protocols, such as NFS (NFSv3.0 and NFSv4.0) and SMB (SMB 2.1 and SMB 3.0). NAS also supports mainstream operating systems, such as Linux and Windows.

  • Access control and compliance

Based on Resource Access Management (RAM) authentication, NAS provides VPC-based isolation and security group-based access control to ensure data security.

  • Data encryption

NAS provides data encryption to prevent user data from being intercepted or sniffed during data transmission.

  • Flexible access modes

NAS allows you to access file systems from various networks, such as VPCs, on-premises IDCs, and dedicated networks.

  • Data transmission

NAS supports synchronous or asynchronous data transmission between NAS file systems or between NAS and Object Storage Service (OSS) by using Data Transmission Service (DTS).

  • Data backup

NAS generates multiple replicas for data based on flexible backup policies. These replicas are used to restore corrupted data.

Benefit of NAS File System

  • Cost-effectiveness

NAS allows you to pay only for the storage space that you consume without the need to configure storage in advance.

  • Ease of use

You can create a file system in a few clicks without the need to deploy and maintain the file system.

  • Security

NAS provides access control based on Resource Access Management (RAM), and access isolation based on virtual private clouds (VPCs) supports encryption in transit and at rest.

  • High reliability

NAS provides multiple replicas for each data entry that is stored in a file system that resides in isolated devices across different fault domains for geo-redundancy.

  • High performance

NAS provides a distributed file system whose performance linearly scales with capacity and a higher level of storage performance.

  • Compatibility

NAS supports standard protocols, such as Network File System (NFS) and Server Message Block (SMB), ensures data consistency, and file locking based on POSIX APIs.

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