What is Hybrid Backup Recovery?

HBR is an easy-to-use and cost-effective online data management service. It provides secure and efficient backup, disaster recovery and archive services for Flou Cloud ECS instance, files, ECS databases, NAS and OSS, as well as on-premises data including VMware virtual machines, large scale NAS systems, files systems and databases.

Features of Hybrid Backup Recovery

  • Integrated Cloud Data Protection

Provides an integrated platform that allows you to back up data stored in Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Apsara File Storage NAS file systems, and Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets, as well as ECS cross-AZ / cross-region disaster recovery.

  • Data Management of On-premise Data Center

Support files, databases backup and backup / archive to cloud for large-scale NAS systems.

  • VMware Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Migration

Provides proxy-free cloud backup and migration for VMware virtual machines. This ensures cost-effective disaster recovery for data stored in VMware virtual machines.

Benefits of Hybrid Backup Recovery

  • Cost-effective

Up to 70% TCO Reduction compared to traditional on-premise BR solutions

  • Efficient

Up to 30:1 deduplication and compression ratio, saving network and storage consumption

  • Secure

AES-256 encryption ensures data security for transmission and storage

  • Reliable

12 9's data durability and 99.9% service availability

  • Managed

Auto-monitoring and Alerting

  • Enterprise-level features

KMS encryption, immutable backup and permission isolation supported

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