What is High Availability Virtual IP Address (HAVIPs)?

High-Availability Virtual IP Address (Ha-VIP) is a private network IP resource that can be created and released independently. Ha-VIP can be used in conjunction with high-availability software (such as Keepalive) to build high-availability active and standby services and improve business availability.

Features of High Availability Virtual IP Address (HAVIPs)

  • Private IP addresses that are not statically assigned to ECS instances or ENIs

HAVIPs can be associated with or disassociated from ECS instances or ENIs through ARP announcements.

  • Associated with ECS instances or ENIs that belong to the same vSwitch.

You can associate each HAVIP with at most 10 ECS instances or 10 ENIs.

Benefit of High Availability Virtual IP Address (HAVIPs)

  • Directly associate an HAVIP with ECS instances

Each HAVIP can be associated with two ECS instances. Each ECS instance serves as the primary instance, and the secondary instance for providing services. If the primary ECS is down, the secondary ECS takes over to provide services.

  • Associate an HAVIP with the primary elastic network interfaces (ENIs) or secondary ENIs of ECS instances

Each HAVIP can be associated with the primary ENIs or secondary ENIs of two ECS instances. If one of the ENIs is down, the secondary ENI can take over to provide services.

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