What is Express Connect?

Express Connect is a service to build peer to peer connection between customer's local office and Flou cloud VPC. Express Connect offers an all-in-one network service by integrating the high reliability, high performance, and low latency features of dedicated physical connections. You can lease an Express Connect circuit from a connectivity provider to connect to Flou Cloud. Each Express Connect circuit occupies a physical port. You can apply for an Express Connect circuit in the Express Connect console.

Features of Express Connect

  • High-speed connections

Powered by the network virtualization technology of Alibaba Cloud, Express Connect allows networks to communicate with each other through direct, private, and high-speed connections.

  • Stability and reliability

Built on the high-quality infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud, Express Connect ensures stable and reliable communication between networks.

  • Security

Express Connect enables communication at the network virtualization layer. Data transmission among different tenants is isolated. This reduces the risks of data breaches.

  • On-demand purchase

Express Connect circuits are provided with different bandwidth limits. You can specify a proper bandwidth limit to meet your business requirements.

Benefit of Express Connect

  • Secure transmission

All data is transmitted through Flou Cloud facilities, avoiding Internet-based connections and reducing the risk of data theft

  • High bandwidth connectivity

Supports dedicated connections with reduced network latency and high bandwidth

  • Stability and reliability

Offers highly reliable connections with high redundancy based on Telkom Group's robust infrastructures

  • Flexible topology

Allows you to deploy services in multiple data centers, and constructs a converged network that connects on-premise data centers and VPC networks

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