What is Container Service Kubernetes?

Container Service is containerization management service with high performance and scalability, that enables you to manage all enterprise-scale application cycles that run on a container. This service simplifies the creation operation of resource capacity improvement in a Kubernetes cluster and is fully integrated with other FLOU Cloud Features (virtualization, storage, network, and FLOU Security).

Features of Container Service Kubernetes

  • Various network options:

Provides clustering internal, public, and dedicated that can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Multiple mode server management:

You can choose your mode server management that best meets your needs.

  • Container lifecycle management payment methods:

You can choose various payment methods in managing costs related to the lifecycle of a container.

  • Integrates with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):

Provides secure and high performance usage solution that supports hybrid cloud.

  • Integrates with load balancer to manage multiple clusters:

Allows he management of multiple clusters in a single system with high availability and uptime.

  • Flexible application scheduling policy extension:

Help integrate upstream and downstream delivery processes with ability to better manage the operations.

Benefit of Container Service Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes certified service provider

Provides certified service provider for manage all enterprise application.

  • Enables you to create Kubernetes cluster fast

Provides Kubernetes container-based management.

  • Ensures the security of end-to-end application

Provides access control for security ensurement.

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