What is Auto Scaling?

Auto Scaling is a service that enables users by meeting their IT infrastructure needs such as CPU and RAM automatically according to the configuration that has been predetermined by the user. If their computing resource needs increase then Auto-Scaling automatically increase ECS Instance.

Feature of Auto Scaling

  • On Demand

Adjust resources to fit the demand curve in real time. You do not have to worry about your computing capacity when demand surges

  • Automated

Automatically create and release ECS instances based on policies you specify. Configure the Server Load Balancer and RDS whitelists with no manual operation.

  • Flexible

You can setup scheduled scaling, dynamic scaling based on targets monitored, scaling fixed number of instances, and automated replacing of unhealthy instances. It also can use external monitoring systems through APIs.

  • Intelligent

Can be applied to complicated scenarios.

Benefit of Auto Scalling

  • Intelligent scheduling to support various scenarios.

supporting various scenarios according to the configuration that has been predetermined by the user.

  • Automatically adjusts computing resources according to various scaling policies.

Supports manual scale-in and scale-out, which offer you flexibility to control resources manually.

  • Automatically adds additional computing resource to the pool.

During peak periods, automatically adds additional computing resource to the pool.

  • Automatically releases ECS resources to cut down your costs.

When user requests decrease, Auto Scaling adjust ECS esources to cut down your costs.

  • Automatic monitoring of health status.

Monitoring infrastructure such as CPU and RAM.

  • Automatically create or release ECS resources.

Adjust computing resources based on your volume of user requests.

  • Automatically configures load balancer and RDS whitelist.

Adjust and configures load balancer quickly.

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