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Flou provides reliable, flexible and premium quality cloud computing services. Flou understands that efficiency, security and a friendly approach are what you are looking for, so we bring you Flou - the latest and greatest cloud computing service with advanced security systems that are easy to use by all business segments, from SMEs to large enterprises.


Explore Infrastructure as a Service Productts (IaaS)

Helping to accelerate the business through strong and resilient infrastructure for unlimited customer experience.



Flou Compute

Elastic Compute Service, Auto Scalling, Container Service Kubernetes, Container Registry, Resource Orchestration, Cloud Monitor


Flou Network

Elastic IP, Server Load Balancer, NAT Gateways, VPN Gateways, Express Connect, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), High Availability Virtual IP Address


Flou Security

Web Application Firewall (WAF), Server Guard, Threat Detection Services, Anti-DDoS, Traffic Security Monitoring


Flou Storage

Block Storage, NAS File System, Object Storage Service (OSS)


Backup Services

Hybrid Backup Recovery

Use Case

The following is an example of use cases in this product

ERP for Manufacture

ERP for Manufacture

Strengthen production and accelerate time to market content

School Online Registration Apps (SIAP Online)

School Online Registration Apps (SIAP Online)

Accelerate the digital transformation of education

Central Administration Management Solutions

Central Administration Management Solutions

Simplify the education system to everyone



Online Storage Service for Workgroups

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