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Simplify End to end Process, Flou Supports School's Digital Platform System

Our journey with Flou began in 2020, where we believe Flou can support our main digital platform systems, including Learning Management System (LMS), School Information System (SIS) and School Management System (SMS) which includes end-to-end end-process. With our current number of users who have reached hundreds of thousands, consisting of teachers, students and parents spread over 1049 schools in 202 cities and 33 provinces throughout Indonesia, we must be able to provide a smooth and agile user experience even during peak hours.

Flou is a SeOn solution because of its flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure. This is a different experience that we have never experienced before, because now SeOn users can enjoy various features on our platform with a minimum down time of 99% because FLOU Cloud provides a 99% SLA guarantee . During the pandemic, the activities of the online learning process have greatly increased. our application processing and functionality is not affected at all, in fact we remain stable in processing data and running various features.

Now, we can increase resources according to the volume of our activity and operate more efficiently even when accessed simultaneously. The cost savings and agility we gain from the Flou architecture also supports our growing workloads during COVID-19. Based on the reports we receive, the number of user complaints each month has decreased dramatically compared to before.

Now we can speed up data processing time without lag, this is achieved with Flou's Auto Scaling capability that runs based on usage and needs so that our system can quickly and flexibly expand the system

In this era full of challenges, making smart decisions in managing data efficiently is as important as choosing the right and perfect technology. We hope that SeOn users can continue to grow and get a good experience from the various features that we have.

Going forward, we are focusing on our latest developments, namely the Homeschooling and Integrated Dashboard features for the Education & Foundation Office. We believe that Flou can be a reliable partner for us to achieve our goals in the future, because for us, education is not just a science, it is also about our partnership relationship with Flou to educate the nation's life and innovate great together.

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SeOn is a school management application that helps school residents experience online learning easily and completely for free



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